Custom Built Tools to Help Manage Your Childcare Center

With classroom management tools and a range of reports, Daily Connect has everything you need to ensure your childcare center runs smoothly.

Daily Connect - Classroom Dashbaord

Spend Less Time on Admin and More Time Growing Your Business

Shared Parent Calendar

Easily communicate important events like field trips or holidays to parents with Daily Connect's shared calendar.

Parents receive reminder notifications, and childcare centers can add everything from learning activities to lunches, ensuring parents always know what's happening at daycare.

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Daily Connect - Shared Parent Calendar

Custom Reporting Features

Generate reports on attendance, photo sharing, classroom numbers, menus, health, and much more.

All important reports are automatically saved to the administrators account, and can be shared, exported or printed as needed.

Daily Connect - Custom Reporting Features

Communicate With All Parents

Share documents and send center-wide updates with all your families at the touch of a button.

Send newsletters and announcements, or share documents like parent handbooks and authorization forms.

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Daily Connect - Communicate with all parents

How It Works

Running a childcare center isn't easy. But Daily Connect's Management features are here to help out. With Daily Connect, administrators can:

  • Communicate events to parents via a shared calendar
  • Send newsletters and announcements to parents
  • Pull automated reports on daily activities
  • Ensure compliance with local regulations
  • View teacher to child ratios in every classroom, in real-time
  • Virtually share documents like Parent Handbooks
  • Approve photos and videos sent to families

Childcare Centers Around the World Rely on Daily Connect

Nichole, Owner

Couldn't Live Without It!

I couldn't run my business successfully without it. I love everything about this app - it's perfect for documentation and communicating with my childcare families.

Lori, Executive Director

A Great Choice for Us

Overall, we're very happy with Daily Connect. It's user friendly, budget friendly, and offers so many functions. We were able to roll it out to our families quickly and easily.

Elaine, Preschool Director

Great to Promote our Center

Prospective parents like the fact that they can see what's happening with their child as it happens. It helps us maintain the ratios we need to be sure to maintain, and helps with keeping track of attenance and classroom staffing.

Karen, Program Director

Terrific Program!

We run the app in nine classrooms and track more than 100 kids every day. The app is reliable, the message function is simple, and the attendance tracking feature is useful. Both parents and staff love it!

Take Back Control of Your Day with Daily Connect's Childcare Management Tools

Running a Childcare Center is the best job in the world, but there's no escaping the fact you're running a business too.

At Daily Connect, we're passionate about freeing administrators from the boring daily tasks that pull you away from the kids.

We'll make your day-to-day administrative tasks go by quicker, freeing you up to get back to doing what you love - building relationships with children and families, and creating lasting memories.

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Discover More Daily Connect Features

Parent Communication Tools

Use the Daily Connect mobile app to post updates including photos, activities, meals, and more so parents know exactly what their kids are up too. Parents will be more relaxed knowing their child is in your expert care.

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Parent Billing

Automated parent billing tools, built especially for Daycare Centers. Send invoices, accept online payments, and get paid on time with payment reminder emails.

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Learning & Assessment Reporting Tools

Record observations and assessments using your own learnnig framework, or use one of the built-in state standards. Prepare lesson plans and facilitate parent-teacher conferences with unique digital portfolios for every child.

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Sign In & Attendance Tracking

Parents sign their child in using a QR code or unique PIN, and you'll always know which children are checked in, and which classroom they're in. Attendance is automatically stored to ensure your practice stays compliant.

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