Built In Integrations to Leading Learning Frameworks

Create a unique portfolio for every child, track their development against learning frameworks, and share milestones with parents.

Daily Connect - Learning Frameworks

Easily Track Learning & Development for Every Child

Observation & Assessment Reports

Teachers can easily log observations for every child according to the learning standards or frameworks used by your Childcare Center.

Records are autosaved, simplifying tracking and making it easier for Childcare Centers to become accredited.

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Daily Connect - Observation & Assessment Reports

Built-In Learning Frameworks & State Standards

With 50+ learning frameworks and state standards built in, it's easy to get started.

Don't see your learning framework? Send it to us and we'll add it for you at no extra cost.

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Daily Connect - Build-In Learning Frameworks & State Standards

Custom, Shareable Child Portfolios

Create a unique digital portfolio of each child's work and development milestones.

Share it with parents via email or the Daily Connect app, or use it during parent-teacher conferences to take parent engagement to the next level.

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Daily Connect - Custom, Shareable Child Portfolio

How It Works

Teaching is hard. On top of managing a classroom of children, teachers are responsible for managing the development of every child. With Daily Connect, they can do it at the touch of a button:

  • Create Lesson Plans based on Assessments
  • Identify lessons to address developmental gaps
  • Track progress against learning frameworks
  • Record all observations to one central platform, and share with other teachers, families, and administrators
  • Easy to read visual display of each child's progress
  • Digital Portfolio of every child's work and notes
Daily Connect - EYFS Wheel Assessment Report

Teachers & Administrators Around the World Love Daily Connect

Lauren, Daycare Provider


It's very easy to use, and my clients love it. I love that the app keeps all of the pictures we take on file, and I've had parents tell me they really appreciate the records the app keeps.

Sarah, Assistant Director

Overall Very Positive

Our overall experience with Daily Connect is that it makes our teacher's lives easier. When I worked in the classroom, it was nice to be able to just log stuff on the classroom iPad instead of writing everything on sheets.

Jessica, Owner

Really Happy With It!

Daily Connect makes functioning in the classroom so much easier and keeps the classroom running on track. From an admin perspective, it makes my job easier without having to go to every classroom.

Cyndy, Director

Love Daily Connect!

Daily Connect helps me, as a director, to see how the children are doing without having to be physically in the room. I am very pleased with it, and parents feel fully informed about their child's daily interactions.

Daily Connect makes it easy for your Childcare Center to follow Learning Frameworks

  • Create a structured and consistent learning experience in every classroom
  • Free teachers from paperwork to spend more time nurturing children
  • Parents and Administrators can track child development and identify focus areas
  • Everything you need to seek accreditation from private and national bodies
  • Promote high-quality dialog with parents about each child's development

Discover More Daily Connect Features

Parent Communication Tools

Use the Daily Connect mobile app to post updates including photos, activities, meals, and more so parents know exactly what their kids are up too. Parents will be more relaxed knowing their child is in your expert care.

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Parent Billing

Automated parent billing tools, built especially for Daycare Centers. Send invoices, accept online payments, and get paid on time with payment reminder emails.

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Childcare Center Management Tools

Track activities in every classroom, produce reports required by regulators, and communicate seamlessly with parents and teachers alike.

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Sign In & Attendance Tracking

Parents sign their child in using a QR code or unique PIN, and you'll always know which children are checked in, and which classroom they're in. Attendance is automatically stored to ensure your practice stays compliant.

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