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Daily Connect - Save Time Every Day

Record Everything

Record every meal, activity, nap, diaper change, and more in Daily Connect’s mobile app and share with parents with the tap of a button.

Daily Connect - Build Better Relationships

Message Parents

Send pictures and videos, ask questions, and more, with a built-in messaging system for nannies and parents to communicate all day.

Daily Connect - Streamline Admin Tasks

Build Parent Trust

Create stronger relationships with the families you serve by sharing regular updates, activities, milestones, and more.

Jennifer P, Nanny

“I use Daily Connect to document activities and keep parents in the loop while they’re away from their child. It’s a great option and the value can't be beat. The family I work for tell me they love how easy it is to see what’s going on through the day!”

Meryl M, Nanny & Teacher

“I’ve been using this app for almost six years and it’s so great to keep everyone on the same page. I love the different ways to organize and view entries. I tell everyone I know in childcare about this app - I’ve used it on desktop, iPhone, and iPad!”

Key Features for Nannies & Babysitters

Parent Communication Tools

Use the Daily Connect mobile app to post photos, activities, meals, incident reports, behavior, needed items, and more.

Parents receive push notifications to their phones with new updates, and a daily email with everything they need to know when you clock off at the end of the day.

Families feel comfortable knowing exactly what’s going on with their children during the day.

Daily Connect: In-Home Daycare Parent Communication Tools

Create Profiles for Each Child

Create unique profiles for every child in your care and keep all their records in one central app.

Add parents, grandparents, and other caregivers to share information about each child with everyone who needs to be kept in the loop.

Parents get access to a free Daily Connect app they can use to view pictures, messages, and activity logs in real-time, helping them stay connected to their children while you look after them.

For nannies and babysitters that work with multiple clients, Daily Connect is a must to keep track of each family’s unique needs.

Daily Connect: Parent - Home Daycare Management Tools Daily Connect: Parent - Home Daycare Management Tools

Tools to Grow Your Business

If you have aspirations to grow your nanny or babysitting work into a full-time career in the childcare industry, Daily Connect can support you along the way.

As you start caring for more children, upgrade to our Professional tier to access the following features:

  • Classroom Management
  • Online Parent Billing Tools
  • Learning Frameworks & Lesson Planning
  • Customized Reporting Tools
  • And Much More...

We’re excited to see where you go 📈

Daily Connect: Parent - Parent Billing

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