Real-time Parent Communication

Keep parents informed with updates throughout the day, including photos, videos, meals, activities, and more.

Daily Connect - Real-time Parent Communication

Engage with parents throughout the day using the Daily Connect App

Share The Big Moments

Capture every big moment in photos and videos to ensure parents never miss a thing, and share a record of each child's work with digital portfolios.

From catching a child's first steps on video to sharing their drawings, parents will feel like they're right there with you.

Daily Connect - Share Big Moments

Quick, Easy Parent Messaging

Send parents messages, emails, and important documents, all from one centralized platform your staff can access from any device, any time, anywhere.

Daily Connect - Quick, Easy Parent Messaging

Give Parents Peace of Mind

Spending all day without your kids can be hard. Keep your parents up-to-date on mealtimes, naps, and any incidents involving their child.

Record more than 30 different types of activities and share detailed updates.

Daily Connect - Give Parents Peace of Mind

Daily Connect: Your Online Daily Sheet

Share your daily sheets digitally, and personalize them for every child with photos, videos, observations, and more:

Daily Summary Emails automatically sent when child signs out

Parents receive real-time updates throughout the day

Customize your Daily Sheets to suit your needs

All Daily Sheets backed up for record-keeping

Daily Connect: Your online Daily Sheet

Families Love Daily Connect

Rocky, Parent

This App Is Amazing

Can't tell you how valuable it has been for both my wife and I to stay up to date on what our guy is doing at daycare. Also nice to look at before we go get him so we can prepare and be ready for the upcoming night!

Metten, Parent

A Daily Dose of Smiles

I love being able to see updates of what my son is doing throughout the day. The teachers capture little moments in photos that we as parents may otherwise not be able to see.

Nikki, Parent

Love This App!

Love being able to stay updated on my little one during the day while I'm at work! This app has made this momma feel so much better about being away from my little guy during the day!

Jake, Parent

Great Way to Stay Close

We're able to see what he's working on throughout the day as the activity entry allows for customization and descriptions. We enjoy getting pictures throughout the day, and the messaging system is a wonderful way to talk directly to their teachers if something comes up.

Happy, engaged parents are good for business, and great for child development

Childcare Centers

  • Better record keeping
  • Save time and money on printing costs
  • Improve parent retention and increase referrals
  • Showcase your work and stand out from competition

Child Development

  • A more coordinated, holistic approach to childcare
  • Smooth transition between childcare and home
  • Keep all caregivers up-to-date on meals, naps, and more
  • Track child's development against milestones

Thousands of Childcare Centers around the world rely on Daily Connect to communicate with families

1.3 Billion
Events Logged
Used by 90,000
Childcare Professionials
60 Million
Photos Shared

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Childcare Center Management

Track activities in every classroom, produce reports required by regulators, and communicate seamlessly with parents and teachers alike.

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Parent Billing

Automated parent billing tools, built especially for Daycare Centers. Send invoices, accept online payments, and get paid on time with payment reminder emails.

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Learning & Assessment Reporting Tools

Record observations and assessments using your own learning framework, or use one of the built-in state standards. Prepare lesson plans and facilitate parent-teacher conferences with unique digital portfolios for every child.

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Sign In & Attendance Tracking

Parents sign their child in using a QR code or unique PIN, and you'll always know which children are checked in, and which classroom they're in. Attendance is automatically stored to ensure your practice stays compliant.

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