Contactless Sign In & Digital Attendance Tracking

Make sign-in and out a breeze with digital signatures, parent surveys, and all the attendance records you need for billing and compliance

Daily Connect - Sign-in Kiosk

Secure Sign In, Handled in Seconds

Touch Free Sign In

Parents can sign in their children with a secure QR code or PIN code. All records are auto-saved to manage licensing requirements.

Save time, add security, eliminate paperwork, and ensure your childcare center complies with local licensing requirements.

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Daily Connect - Touch Free Sign In

Automatically Create Attendance Reports

Monitor attendance and teacher to child ratios in every classroom. You'll be alerted if ratios exceed limits.

Create custom reports for billing, compliance, or export to other systems.

Daily Connect - Automatically created attendance reports

Custom Create Parent Surveys

Build custom surveys for parents to answer at sign-in. Create a COVID-19 questionnaire to help keep your childcare center safe, or ask parents more simple questions, like what time they'll pick up their child.

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Daily Connect - Custom Parent Surveys

How It Works

In many childcare centers, the sign-in process is needlessly inefficient. Daily Connect helps you start off your day smoothly.

Parents sign their children in by scanning a QR code on their Daily Connect App, or using a unique PIN code.

Childcare Centers can create surveys, request digital signatures, and create attendance reports.

Administrators can view which children are in which classroom, monitor teacher to child ratios, and rest easy knowing attendance reports are automatically saved for compliance, billing, and more.

When the child is signed out, an email is automatically sent with all of the child's activity - a digital daily sheet.

Daily Connect - Sign-in Kiosk

Track Staff Hours in Daily Connect

Daily Connect isn't only for tracking the attendance of children. Administrators can also use it to track their teachers' working hours.

View which classrooms teachers are in, as well as when they clocked in and clocked out.

When it's time for a shift change, caregiver handover is easy, with all the necessary information about every child saved to your Daily Connect account.

Teachers can sign in exactly the same way as children - with a QR code or unique PIN code, and you can require them to complete surveys prior to clocking on.

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Daily Connect Makes Life Easier for Teachers and Administrators

Kim, In-Home Daycare

Awesome App

I use this app for my in-home daycare. My daycare parents and I love it! I no longer have to print take-home sheets and remember to give them to parents at the end of the day. I highly recommend this to caregivers.

Elizabeth, Daycare Provider

My Daycare Go To

The Daily Connect app is extremely helpful in using throughout the day of running my small daycare center. It helps with the storage of legally binding signatures, as well as keeping a record of everything that happens at daycare.

Danielle, Director

Life Changing

The software allows my parents to sign in and out without having to use paper. Parents get a report immediately after they sign their child out. It's quick and easy, and helps me save on paper!

Nicole, Owner

I love everything!

I've used Daily Connect with two different daycare centers I own. I particularly love that my parents have PIN codes to sign in and out, and that I get notifications when a parent is picking up their child.

Daily Connect Makes Childcare Drop Off and Pick Up a Simple, Streamlined Process

Create an easy, contactless sign in and out process that gives parents peace of mind and frees teachers up to spend more time with children:

Secure - secure PIN and QR codes ensure only authorized people can pick up children.

Safe - contactless sign-in and COVID-19 questionnaires minmize your exposure.

Compliant - attendance reports required by local regulators are automatically created and saved.

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Discover More Daily Connect Features

Parent Communication Tools

Use the Daily Connect mobile app to post updates including photos, activities, meals, and more so parents know exactly what their kids are up too. Parents will be more relaxed knowing their child is in your expert care.

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Parent Billing

Automated parent billing tools, built especially for Daycare Centers. Send invoices, accept online payments, and get paid on time with payment reminder emails.

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Learning & Assessment Reporting Tools

Record observations and assessments using your own learnnig framework, or use one of the built-in state standards. Prepare lesson plans and facilitate parent-teacher conferences with unique digital portfolios for every child.

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Childcare Center Management

Track activities in every classroom, produce reports required by regulators, and communicate seamlessly with parents and teachers alike.

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