Get updates on your kids throughout the day

With Daily Connect's mobile app, you can see everything that goes on at daycare, no matter where you are

Daily Connect - Childcare App

A Top Rated Childcare Messaging Platform

Leaving your kids at daycare all day is tough.

It's hard to be apart, but you also worry whether they're getting all the care they need and having fun.

Daily Connect lets you see every detail of your child's day, right from your smartphone, with updates on activities, meals, naps, and much, much more.

The platform is used by 90,000 childcare professionals, helping parents around the world keep track of their kids' days.

Daily Connect - Daycare app

Send & Receive Messages Throughout the Day

Get regular updates from your childcare provider, including messages, reminders, photos, and videos.

No more phone calls or rushed conversations at pick-up, just straightforward messaging right from your smartphone.

Daily Connect - App for Family Daycare

Receive Pictures & Videos

Never miss a big moment, with photos and videos of your child sent directly to you.

You'll get notifications every time a new update is shared. You'll feel like you're right there in the room, even if you're stuck in a meeting at work.

Daily Connect - App for Home Daycare

Secure Pick Up & Drop Off

Make sure only authorized people can collect your child with Daily Connect's secure sign in and out system.

Use a secure QR code or PIN code to drop off and pick up your child, and digitally sign important forms and agreements.

When you sign out your child, you'll automatically be sent a Daily Summary Email covering everything your child did that day.

Daily Connect - Sign in Kiosk

Shared Event Calendar

Never forget special events like field trips or holiday days with Daily Connect's shared calendar.

Childcare Center administrators add every event, and you'll get reminder notifications for everything from learning activities to lunches.

Daily Connect - Shared Calendar

Here's What Parents Say About Daily Connect


Life Saver!

This app is amazing. Can't tell you how valuable it has been for both my wife and I to stay up to date on what our guy is doing at daycare. It's great to look at before we go and get him so we can prepare for the upcoming night!


A Daily Dose of Smiles

I love being able to see updates of what my son is doing throughout the day. Thank you to the creators of this app. You have provided me with memories and smiles that I will cherish forever.


Love This App!

Love being able to stay updated on my little one during the day while I'm at work. This app has made this Momma feel so much better about being away from my little guy during the day!


A Parent's Dream!

Thank you Daily Connect for easing my fears and anxiety about having to leave my child at daycare and for letting me be connected and involved daily. This app is fantastic!

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